General Informations
Where can we write you? Or ask you a question?
Do you have cats available for sale?

If we do you will find them in the For sale section or in a green stripe above.

Do you sell adult cats? Or “retired” ones?

When we have any they will be in the “For Sale” section. To be even more precise you can find them there. Their price is of course greatly reduced.

How do we know if a certain cat is available?

If a given cat is available it will be listed in the For sale section and on its individual page there will be a for sale or optioned tag next to his/her name.

What does optioned mean?

It means someone has expressed an interest in the cat but has not reserved it yet. Nevertheless in the meantime the cat remains available to anyone.

What does reserved mean?

It means someone already paid for part of the cat hence that particular cat is not available anymore.

Why can not a kitten be a champion?

Only adult cats (over 10 months old) can obtain a CAC, three CAC are required to become a champion.

There are no more questions?

In Deed.


They have not been written yet.

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